Is the clothing really free?

For the January 2018 swap—$5 at the door. Like previous years, no one will be turned away, but this helps cover the cost of the swap. To encourage more mindful swapping, we suggest a $1 donation for each item you grab. This is an optional donation, and you can choose which of the following organizations it goes to: National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), Dress For Success Twin Cities, Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition, YouthLink MN, and Family Tree Clinic.

For previous swaps—Yep, there’s no cost attached to any of the clothing at this swap. (We are asking for a $5–15 sliding scale donation at the door to help us cover the costs that we incur putting on the event, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.)


Is it really size 20/2x and up? How about if I donate size 14, 16 and 18?

Yes, it’s really size 20 or 2x and up. Thanks for the offers, but please don’t try to donate clothing smaller than that! We can’t use it.


What kind of clothing should I donate?

We ask that donations be clean (washed, please!), free of pet hair, and as close to odorless as possible. We are accepting garments in women’s size 20 and larger, unisex 2X or clothing with at least a 40 inch waist. Clothing for all genders is welcome – including casual, business, all seasons, swimwear, pajamas, accessories and shoes of any adult size. Please no socks or undergarments. Accessories, such as jewelry, ties, shoes and purses will also be accepted.


How do I donate clothes?

You can drop off donations at Cake Plus-Size Resale (5155 Bloomington Ave
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417) any time during business hours. Just ask whoever is working, they’ll happily accept your donations. Additional drop off locations will be available closer to the date of the swap.


If I don’t donate, can I still come to the swap?

Absolutely! All are welcome, regardless of whether or not you donated.


Is this swap just for women/girls/ladies/femmes?

Actually, this is a clothing swap for all genders!


Can I help at the next swap?

We’d love to have your help! Drop a note to Hannah Clark or Cat and let us know that you’re interested.


What, are you SURE there won’t be any 16’s or 18’s? Those are technically plus sizes. Why aren’t they included?

There really won’t be any clothing under a size 20/2x/waist measurement 40”. We’ve chosen to focus our swap on the higher end of the plus size spectrum. We wanted to create an environment in which big, fat people like us could shop for clothes and have the majority of the items on the rack either fit, or be too big.  We picked size 20/2x because it’s a nice round number, and it’s a cut off point in some clothing stores between regular sizes and plus.

If you’re interested in creating a clothing swap that focuses on sizes under 20, we’d be happy to chat with you and offer any advice we can.  Just send us a message!


What’s the venue like? How accessible is it? Is there a place to try on the clothes?

The venue for our January 21st, 2018 swap is Cake Plus-Size Resale. This space has a single stall, unisex bathroom. The building has a front entrance with slightly uneven concrete slabs in front, and a small step up to and over the threshold.

Cake has two fitting rooms, and at least one room will be available to try on clothing in private. You are also welcome and encouraged to try on clothes within the larger space, as long as there’s no nudity and you respect the boundaries of those around you.

We recommend wearing leggings or similar form fitting clothing as an under-layer, it makes it easy to try stuff on without waiting to use the changing area. 

We will be having an “Accessibility Hour” from 12 pm–1 pm on January 21 for folks who may find a tight spaced environment difficult for a variety of reasons such as sensory or physical disabilities. Please contact to take part in this.